Below is a guideline for packing

Please note, Israel can be cold during the winter (it can get as cold as 35 degrees Fahrenheit). Rain or even snow can be expected in Jerusalem and Tzfat. We recommend bringing clothing that is informal and that you can wear in layers. You can expect some days of outdoor activities, a few nights out on the town and some time inside museums, archaeological sites or shopping centres. While you are unlikely to be able to change outfits in a hotel room during the day, you will be able to leave clothes or other items on the bus so that you can layer as needed. Each participant is allowed one duffle and one small duffle (knapsack) for the trip.

Spending Money, ATMs and Tips

The currency in Israel is the Shekel (NIS: New Israel Shekel). Since you will be responsible for about 6 meals, you will need enough shekels for these meals, snacks, and any shopping you may wish to do.  ATMs in Israel dispense shekels from your ATM cards. ATMs can be found in the airport and throughout the bigger cities you visit. Credit cards are widely accepted in shops and restaurants (except in the casual food stands and outdoor markets you might visit). Please be reminded to bring an extra $50 to tip the bus drivers, tour guides and restaurant waiters (this is mandatory).


Clothing for regular classes should be long pants for men and a skirt or long pants for women and shirts with sleeves (long or short) for men and women. In other words, please be respectful and cover your knees and shoulders during classes.

In addition, we request an additional dress code for Shabbat and when visiting religious sites.

For Women:

Skirts covering to the knees, shirts covering shoulders / elbow length sleeves

For Men:

Head covering (hat or Kippa), shirts covering shoulders, (a jacket and tie are not necessary).

Suggested  Check List

An overnight bag or knapsack (big enough to carry 2-3 days of clothing)

6 Pants (for hiking, touring, going out at night)
1 Athletic pants
4 Sweatshirt/ Sweater/ Fleece
8 Long-sleeve shirts
4 Short-sleeve shirts
1 Shorts
1 Bathing suit
Clothes for Shabbat and religious sites:

WOMEN – a few knee-length skirts and elbow-length sleeved shirts

MEN – a few pairs of long pants, several long-sleeved button-down shirts, Kippa (may be easily purchased in Israel).

Undergarments (including thermal pants and shirts)
Raincoat/ anorak/ poncho

Winter coat (preferably rainproof)
Winter hat and scarf

Hiking boots or sturdy sneakers/walking shoes (with traction for wet surfaces, and with straps or laces)

Comfortable dress shoes

Miscellaneous Items

1 Towel (for swimming outside of hotels)
Toiletries (deodorant, toothbrush, shampoo, shavers, etc.)

We suggest wrapping any shampoo or the like in plastic bags to avoid spillage should the container burst from weight or pressure.  Please make sure that all liquids are in your checked luggage as security will not allow any liquid in carry-on bags.

Basic medication / prescription medicines (pills for headaches and diarrhoea, bug spray)


Travel Alarm clock
Flashlight (mini)
Camera with charger / batteries

Baseball cap/ hats
Day bag (purse, backpack, money belt, etc.)
Power adapter plugs (same as Europe)


Notebook and pens