PATHWAYS is a program of Darche Noam Institutions,

which has been running educational trips in Israel for over 30 years. Security has always been and continues to be a key priority for us. Israel is a safe place to travel. Still, whenever a visitor travels to a foreign country, they must be aware of their surroundings and take security seriously. These are a few important issues pertaining to security on the Pathways program.


1. There is limited free time on the program.  Students will be briefed at the beginning of the trip on what is considered safe and common-sense behavior and will be given detailed instructions regarding areas that they should not visit during the free time they have.

2. Pathways’ programs uses chartered buses for our transportation needs. Students may choose to take public buses when on their own free time and advice will be given as to appropriate routes.

3. Pathways does not have any programming or events that congregate in public areas without proper security measures.

4. All field trips and excursions on the program outside major cities (i.e. to hiking spots or more remote locations) will be done together with an armed guard.

5. We receive updated government information allowing us to take all necessary security precautions.  A group’s itinerary will be changed immediately to reflect any heightened risk or security concerns.

6. The program does not visit areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

7. For further information or clarification please contact Yossi Lanton, our Pathways Administrative Director. Yossi can be reached by email  and will be happy to deal with specific enquiries.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon in Israel.

Rabbi Yaakov Lynn
Director, Pathways