Dear Pathways Participant,

Choose Israel Phones for economical, reliable phone rental and mobile service.

When you take our SIM card our services include:

  • FREE Incoming Calls and Text Messages: from anywhere in the world!
  • Toll-Free Customer Service: in the USA and Israel.
  • Simple FREE pickup and return at one of our two convenient Ben-Gurion Airport locations.
Choose from several great rate options:  Rates are in US currency and do not include VAT.

OPTION 1: Unlimited:  Talk, Text and Data plans, starting at $3.99 a day.


OPTION 2: Pay-as-you go plan: Pay only for outgoing calls, texting and discount data packages for your unlocked smartphone starting at 17.9¢ per minute or text.


OPTION 3: Mobile hotspots, USB modems and data SIMS: For your iPad, tablet or laptop with unlimited access starting at $4 per day.

For more information visit us at:

Our customer services representatives are ready to help you:

US: 1-866-897-9393

Israel: 1-800-721-111


We wish you a wonderful stay in Israel.