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Pathways Plus
For Women

On Pathways Plus for Women, we have 3 different program options. The first two options are either a 2 or 4 month program, combining professional internships and Jewish education together with inspiring, fun and social activities and trips. The third option is a 2.5 week program without internships. On Pathways Plus we encourage personal, professional and spiritual development in an intimate and nurturing setting.

Please note that you have the opportunity on the 2 and 4 Month programs to receive college credits and we also have an Ulpan component.

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What does a week on Pathways look like?





9:30am One-on-ones with Tutors
10:40am “Lessons for Life” – Sara Sweary
11:50am “The Jewish View of Relationships” – Merissa Gross
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm “Jewish Thought” – Rabbi Yaakov Lynn
3:00pm “Judaism and Western Values” – Rabbi Yitzchak Shurin
4:00pm Free Time




9:30am Meeting with Merissa
10:40am “The Meaning of Prayer” – Miriam Spitz
11:50am “The Jewish Woman” – Shalvie Friedman
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm “Controversial Topics in Judaism” – Rabbi Anthony Manning
3:00pm “Practical Jewish Law” Rabbi Yitzchak Lerner
4:00pm Free Time
5:40pm Ulpan – Rabbi Fischer




Free time
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Cost of Programs

4 Month Program: $1000 – $5000
(Option to stay for first 2 months only: $1000 – $2500)

There are 2 scholarship options which can vastly reduce the cost of the program:
1. MASA – for full 4 months up to $3200 depending on age and financial need
2. Olami – $1500 if eligible

Onward Israel 2 Month Summer Program: $350
including food and transportation within Jerusalem

Pathways Plus 2.5 Week Program: $699
Early-bird discount of $50 if you register before November 12, 2017.

Click here to view the Faculty of Pathways Plus and Midreshet Rachel v’Chaya

Merissa Gross

Educational Director of Pathways Plus for Women

Hi Everyone,

I am the Director of the program and can’t wait to meet you all!
I was born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, and was actively involved in the small community there. I participated in a gap-year program in Israel, followed by a degree in Communications and Politics at The University of Leeds. Among other things, I worked for the UK government civil service, been to seminary for a year at Nishmat, and worked in PR and English teaching. I was the Israel Executive of Tribe in Israel, the youth division of the United Synagogue UK. I am a proud mummy of a bunch of little kids and married to Rabbi Chaim who is a teacher at Ohr Somayach. I am also very active in matchmaking and thrive on teaching and connecting with the girls on Pathways Plus.
We are going to have so much fun on Pathways Plus, a wonderful and enriching experience of personal, professional and spiritual growth!

Love, Merissa XXX

PW+ For Women Application Form

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If you are not doing internships simply complete the form below.

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