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On Pathways Israel, you’ll tour Israel from North to South. In the lush, green Golan Heights, you’ll learn about the history of the State of Israel and understand Israel’s relationships with its neighbors. You’ll have quiet time for reflection in the Negev desert, where you’ll climb into the world’s largest crater of its kind. Experience the night life of Tel Aviv, take a dip in the Dead Sea, and explore the religious sites of Jerusalem – all in about two weeks of action-packed days! In the evenings, there is ample free time to hang out in Jerusalem or see family and friends.

What does a day on Pathways look like?

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

Day 1

4.15 pm Arrive in Israel!
5.15 pm Stop en route at the Haas Promenade to drink in the breathtaking panoramic views and glory of the Old and New Cities of Jerusalem
6.45 pm Check in at the Bayit Vegan Guest House
7.30 pm Welcome Dinner at the hotel
8.30 pm Evening program – Getting to Know You
Free time

Day 2

8.00 am Breakfast
8.45 am Orientation – Meet the Pathways Team
9.15 am Morning Class: How have the Jews kept their Jewish identity?
10.15 am Break
10.30 am Crash Course in Jewish History
12.00 pm Lunch at hotel
12.35 pm Transfer to the Old City of Jerusalem – 3000 year-old capital city and spiritual heart of the Jewish people
1.30 pm Arrive at the City of David. Take in experience of one of the most exciting archaeological excavations in the world, starting with a 3D movie introduction. Then go back to Biblical times to walk through the ancient streets
2.10 pm Explore Warren’s shaft and the labyrinth of Water Tunnels leading to the Shiloach Pool
4.15 pm Walk back into the Old City for a breathtaking roof-top view of the Temple Mount, culminating at the Western Wall
5.00 pm Time at the Western Wall then explore the Jewish Quarter of the Old City
6.45 pm Bus departs from Old City
7.15 pm Dinner at the famous Tziyun Hagadol restaurant – enjoy a classic Middle Eastern grill
8.15 pm Bus departs restaurant
8.30 pm Bowling extravaganza in Talpiot – Israeli style!
11.00 pm Return to hotel

Day 3

8.00 am Breakfast and check out
9.15 am Text preparation for class with study partners
10.30 am Morning Class: Jewish Spirituality
11.45 am Break
12.00 pm Morning Class: Jewish Prayer
1.00 pm Lunch at hotel
1.45 pm Bus departs for the South
3.30 pm Visit the Gaza border and Sderot – an Israeli town under fire
5.45 pm Bus departs from Sderot
6.45 pm Arrive at the Gan HaKramim Field School in the Negev and check-in
7.30 pm BBQ dinner
8.30 pm Evening program
9.30 pm Kumsitz and Campfire
Overnight in Gan Hakramim

Day 4

7.30 am Breakfast and check out
8.15 am Bus departs
9.30 am Morning desert hike in Nachal Tamar
2.00 pm Bus departs for the Dead Sea
12.45 pm Make a quick stop in Ein Bokek for a dip in the Dead Sea
1.30 pm Lunch in Ein Bokek
2.15 pm Bus departs
2.45 pm Afternoon hike in the beautiful oasis of Ein Gedi
5.00 pm Bus departs for return to Jerusalem
6.30 pm Arrive and check in at the Jerusalem Gate Hotel
Free evening

Day 5

8.00 am Breakfast
9.00 am Bus leaves hotel for the Jerusalem suburb of Har Nof
9.30 am Morning Class: Building Jewish Unity
10.45 am Women’s program: hands-on challah baking workshop Men’s program: interactive tefillin and mezuzah writing
12.30 pm Bus leaves Har Nof
1.00 pm The Shuk – experience sights, sounds and smells as Jerusalem prepares for Shabbat
Free time to get lunch and explore this unique Jewish market
3.00 pm Preparation for Shabbat
5.30 pm Bus leaves hotel for transfer to the Old City
6.20 pm Shabbat Candle lighting in the Old City
7.00 pm Shabbat services at the Western Wall
8.00 pm Walk together to dinner
8.30 pm Friday night dinner in the Old City at the Sefardi Centre
10.30 pm Oneg Shabbat program – evening program, food, drink and great Shabbat atmosphere
11.30 pm Walk together back to the hotel

Day 6

8.15 am Option to attend local Shabbat morning services in Kiryat Moshe
10.30 am Shabbat morning Kiddush
11.00 am Shabbat Lunch – home hospitality with local families
4.00 pm Walk down together to Beit Hakerem
4.30 pm Ask the Rabbi Panel – a great opportunity to ask your burning questions!
6.15 pm Workshops and Discussion Groups in the park
7.30 pm Experience the special Shabbat Afternoon Meal – the mystical transition from Shabbat to weekday
8.30 pm Havdala
Free time in Jerusalem
10.40 pm Option to explore the Western Wall Tunnels and travel back in time thousands of years to the bedrock of the Jewish people

Day 7

8.00 am Breakfast and check-out
9.00 am Text preparation for class with study partners
10.00 am Morning Class: Personal Growth and the Centrality of Giving
11.15 am Bus departs
11.45 am Volunteering in Chazon Yeshaya (Since 1997, Hazon Yeshaya Soup Kitchens has been providing life-saving meals to thousands of Israel’s neediest adults and children, 365 days a year. It is today one of the biggest soup kitchens in Israel)
1.15 pm Free afternoon in Jerusalem (time to grab some lunch and pick up gifts, visit Geula/Meah Shearim to buy Judaica or visit one of the amazing local museums – Israel Museum, Yad Vashem and others)
6.15 pm Bus pick up from the Jerusalem Gate hotel
6.45 pm Check-in at the Bayit Vegan Guest House
7.30 pm Dinner
8.15 pm Special evening program: Sane Dating – A Jewish Perspective on Love and Relationships between the Sexes
Costs vary depending on season and trip.  If you’re interested in finding out how much the Pathways trip you’re interested in will cost, please contact us.

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